Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How Your Emotions Affect Your Dog

Your Emotions and Other People

Did you know that humans are really walking mood conductors? The ability to tell how someone is feeling and the ability to mimic feelings and behaviors served as great survival strategies for our ancestors. Their ability to know in a split second with no verbal cues if a lion was going to pounce is a testament to a human’s ability to “read” their environment. We still do this today but on a different level. Since we have become slaves to the spoken word, we have lost some of those skills; however, we still have an understanding of feelings and emotions.

Human emotions can be transmitted in less than a second, without words, and the transmission often goes unnoticed. Some people are more susceptible to ‘catching’ the emotions of others, and some are more powerful at influencing other people’s moods.

These “mood spreaders” can affect you negatively or positively without a word. When research subjects were put in a room together with an identified mood-spreader, they all came out with the same emotions that the mood-spreader had exhibited. The results show that the way we feel is largely determined by other people. Now here’s the key. Your mood cannot only effect humans, but has a large impact on your dog!

Your Emotions and Your Dog

You must be aware of what emotions you are spreading to your dog. If you had a bad day at work and are stressed when you come home, guess who else is going to stress out right along with you? Yep, your dog! If your boyfriend is depressed, there is a better chance that you will become depressed to and so will your dog.

To alleviate this trickle down effect, try to be the person who sparks a rippling pool of positivity. Smile at a stranger who is not expecting it. Laugh instead of scowl when someone does something you don’t like. Post a positive comment on a blog,like this one :0). Positivity breeds positivity and your dog will love you even more for it.

We are all connected, and this study has shown without a doubt that the energy you create in this world affects not only the people around you but also your animals. Choose to make your effect on the world a positive one, and you will soon find that the good energy bounces right back to you, and you won’t have to try and smile at a stranger in the checkout line, you just will. Your dog will love you even more for it!

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  1. Thank you for this terrific article! Ive just noticed recently that when i get stressed, i get sick, my little dog stresses out, and my hamster's health suffers, even though i adore them and take loving care of them. All of us--at the same time. So-- GET HAPPY, PEOPLE!! "Cuz every little thing is gonna be alright..." EVERYONE will benefit. Please write more on this topic!! :-)