About Me

The Doggy Zen Den was founded and developed by me after years of working with dogs both in Canada and the U.S. I was driven from a very young age by my compassion for animals. As I grew older I sought to provide a service to animals that would encompass personal touch, love and health benefits.

I have dedicated my practice to my mother, Hope, who believed that every animal has a story to tell and a lesson to teach, you just need to learn how to listen.

I believe I have made her proud and feel that I have honored her vision through my ability to serve animals through holistic wellness methods such as massage, energy, nutrition and music therapy.
I started my practice in Toronto and have been highly successful, teaching seminars and workshops to dozens of dog owners.   While my practice is inclusive of all dogs, I have focused a majority of my efforts on working with senior and shelter dogs. I received my canine massage training in the states from Midwest Natural Healing and have attended certification courses in Bach Flower Remedies for Animals, Pet First Aid and Canine Behavior. I currently run

The Senior Dog Blog at http://theseniordogblog.blogspot.com/  
The Doggy Zen Den at http://dogzenden.blogspot.ca/

You can also find me on Facebook.  You can also search for The Doggy Zen Den Group on Facebook.
I have registered over 400 hours of hands on experience working with dogs in a massage and stretching capacity and service clients from Oshawa to Burlington. I am a dedicated yearly participant of Slobberfest in The Beaches and will be highlighting my services at Woofstock this year. Along with my CMP skills I am also certified as an Animal Reiki Practitioner (ARP).  I received my certification from Rowanwood Reiki in Oshawa, Ontario. I am a current member of the Animal Wellness Association.  I have recently been asked to become a resident Practitioner at Cherry Valley Retreat (http://cherryvalleyretreat.com/) and will soon be hosting a series of workshop on Holistic Stress and Anxiety Relief Methods for Dogs.

Email me for times and locations at doggyzenden@gmail.com