We periodically hold workshops in and around the GTA. Our workshops encompass hands on participation with dogs and may also include some extremely paper intensive sessions with the goal to ultimately give you the most valuable information for the health and well being of your dog.

We will custom tailor our workshops to the specific needs of our client.  Please ask us about group and discounted rates.  We currently offer the following:

Basic Massage for Dogs
Duration: 2 hrs

A workshop which specifically focuses teaching you some of the basic massage techniques for your dog. With the tools we provide, you will be able to massage your dog at home.  We will provide handouts showing you how to perform a relaxation massage on your dog. If you would like your dog to be considered for a demonstration dog, please let us know when registering.  This class is necessary for your to enjoy our ongoing Massage and Meditation sessions with your dog.
Cost - $125

Benefits of Massage for Senior Dogs
Duration: 2hrs

A workshop which specifically focuses on massage techniques for the senior dogs. We will demonstrate therapeutic and recovery massage techniques with real dogs that will be selected prior to class. If you would like your dog to be considered for a demonstration dog, please let us know when registering.
Cost - $125

Basic Stretching for Dogs
Duration: 2hrs

This is a hands-on workshop with your dog which incorporates numerous stretching techniques to help with your animal’s flexibility and range of motion. Certificate of completion at end of course.  Your well behaved dog is welcome to attend.
Cost - $125

Holistic Relaxation Techniques for your Dog
Duration: 4hrs

This workshop will introduce you to alternative relaxation techniques for your dog and arm you with solid information so that you will have a better understanding of some alternatives therapies for your dog. Topics to be introduced include: Bach Flower Essences, Relaxation Therapy, Massage and Stretching, Animal Reiki and Music Therapy. Certificate of Completion at end of course.
Cost - $150

Reiki for Animals
Duration: 2hrs

This workshop will introduce you to the world of Reiki and what it's all about.  It will show you some of the essential techniques for healing our animals through Reiki. This is not a hands-on course. Certificate of completion at end of course. Note: this course does NOT certify you as an Animal Reiki Practitioner. It is informational only.
Cost - $125

Applied Techniques of Relaxation Therapy for your Dog
Duration: 2 hrs

The ability for us to relax and the value of controlled breathing are considered highly valuable and extremely important. Breathing exercises for humans lead to physiological and physical improvements. The same benefits can apply to dogs. With relaxation therapy, dogs are rewarded when they relax and breathe slower. Dogs learn to relax themselves to earn their rewards. With relaxation therapy, you will reward your dog for relaxing. This is done by observing your dog's body language. You watch ear position, eyes and breathing rate. Dog's are rewarded when the ears relax, the look in the eyes is less intense and the breathing rate shows a significant decline. You are conditioning your dog to realize that relaxation is a rewarded behaviour.
This workshop will teach you the basics of Relaxation Therapy and the behaviours to watch for.
Cost - $125

Come join us for a calm relaxing atmosphere to meditate with us as a group.  The class will be a guided meditation with soothing music to calm you and our dog.
Cost - $25 per session
Packages available on request