Thursday, April 15, 2010

What's in a Neem?

Well, today I'd like to share the story of "nature\s drugstore". The Neem tree.

The Neem tree which is native to India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and a few other countries is an amazing natural remedy.  The entire tree from the bark to the leaves is used to make remedies.  These remedies are used to cleanse the body of internal and external parasites. 

It is used in curing and preventing many diseases not only in humans but also in animals. Neem can also be used to protect plants from pests and insects and can also stimulate the growth of plants as it is considered to be a natural manure without any toxic effects.

Neem has and continues to be used for curing a large number of animal diseases. The Neem leaves are mixed with other natural ingredients to help treat eye diseasesand cough among other ailments.
I personally use a few drops of Neem oil with my dog shampoo to keep away fleas. I've also used it for hot spots and eczema.   You can also use it on your dog if they have callused elbows.  Just rub a drop or two in your hand then apply. 

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