Friday, April 16, 2010

Alfalfa: The helpful Little Rascal!

Alfalfa when it's literally translated means "the father of all foods".  To be quite honest, when I was a kid I really thought it was just the name of a Little Rascal.  Truth be told, I wasn't all that "holistic" growing up so Alfalfa remained a mystery to me until my 20 somethings, well ok...30 somethings...

This green food is reported to contain all of the vitamins, minerals and trace elements known to be needed for humans and animals.

Chinese herbalists use Alfalfa to treat fluid retention, swelling and kidney stones.  It's great for urinary tract infections and has great detoxyifying properties. 

It has a high Vitamin K content and is good for helping with bleeding disorders that can result from long-term use of antibiotics.

As with any supplement I blog about, dispense with caution.  Vitamin K has been linked to cases of  Heinz-body anemia if it is taken in large quantities.

I feed Alfalfa sprouts to my dog, but intermittently. 

You can grow your own Alfalfa sprouts at home.  Here's a link of instructions:

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