Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Dog Has Itchy Skin, What Can I Do for Him?

If your dog is suffering from itchy skin and you know it's not a flea issue, here are some great home remedies that are sure to help and save you some time, money and trips to the vet.

1.  Epsom salts: You can give your dog a cool bath to provide the most efficient and effective relief from itchy skin.  WARNING: Please be sure that your dog does not drink this water. 

2.  Oatmeal: Yep, believe it or's oatmeal.  You can add this to your dog's bath to help with itchy skin.  It is good for dogs with allergies as it is very soothing to the skin.

3.  Baking soda: You can mix this up with a bit of cold water and just spot wash the area where the dog is itching.  It will help to relieve the severity and let them get through their day with some relief.

4  Fish oil: This can be added to your dog's diet to help beef up your dogs imunity to allergens. 

5.  Emu oil: Although sometimes hard to find, this can also be dribbled on your dog's food.  Keep in mind that this is for severe bouts of itching. 

6.  Apple cider vinegar: This remedy also works but be careful that the skin has not been broken.  Although a bit on the smelly side, it does work but not one of my favorite mixes.  This can be applied directly to the skin.

7.  Asprin: You can mix a couple of asprin tables in rubbing alcohol, then prepare some chamomile tea with spring water.  Combine the two mixes together and apply them directly on the infected area with a cotton ball.  This works quite well and is proven effective.

8.  Essential oils: There are a number of oils that you can use for your dog to ease the itch.  Some are lavender, tea tree oil (highly toxic to cats but not dogs), white thyme, and almond oil to name a few.

Finally, you may wish to consider removing the fur from the affected area.  In very hot weather conditions it's just a good idea.  It will keep them from developing any type of fungus or attracting parasites that can cause harm to your dog.

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