Monday, June 7, 2010

A Beautiful Summer Walk Can be Dangerous!

As dog guardians, we need to be careful when walking our pets during those really hot summer days.  Try to take them out during the early morning hours or even late evenings when it's noticeably cooler.  Please be sure to take water some with you for your dogs and for yourself.  Staying hydrated is very important for you and your dog, especially if you'll be walking long distances.  When you get back from your walk, please give them some fresh water in their stainless steel bowls.    I often carry a spray bottle on especially hot days and spritz my dog sporadically on my walk.  It helps to cool her down and keep her refreshed.

Be very careful to avoid heat strokes or other conditions that can be avoided with the above simple steps. 
Dogs love the outside and love summertime just as much as we do, but safety should be our number one priority.  Your dog will love you for it!!!

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