Thursday, April 22, 2010

Go Green with Your Dog on Earth Day

You're probably wondering why Earth Day would be relevant to your dog, well, it can be!

A company called Raise a Green Dog has some great ideas on how to get your dog green.  They also give you a Green Dog Pledge that you can download and print out and mail it back to them with a picture of your own Green Dog. 

Raise a Green Dog has some tips that you can use on how you and your dog can "go green".

Some of them include:

• Consider adopting a dog from a shelter or animal rescue group
• Spay or neuter your dog to reduce overpopulation
• Buy dog products made with organic or recycled materials
• Purchase products made closer to home which will help lower the energy costs of shipping goods
• Buy sustainable and durable products so they don't have to be replaced often
• Feed your dog treats and food that has organic or all natural ingredients
• Buy products for your dog made from natural materials, i.e.hemp dog collars
• For a healthier dog and a healthier environment, cook for your dog using natural and organic ingredients

Check out their site at for more cool tips on going green with your dog. 

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