Saturday, February 20, 2010

For the Love of our Dogs

True dog lovers know that they will do pretty much anything for their dogs’ health and well being. Many non-pet loving individuals will look at us a little funny, perhaps snickering under their breath about how “nuts” we are for buying that doggy coat, those Muttluks or spending more on their food than we, perhaps may even spend on our own! Holistic pets? Yep, that’s right!

Well, they can laugh all they want. We have the privilege of coming home each and every day to a dog that showers us with love and affection, sits with us when we’re feeling sad and makes us laugh at the silliest things they do!

Once you experience that connection with your dog, there’s no looking back! We’re hooked!

I’m very happy to say that as times have changed and so has our view as a society on how we treat and care for our animals. More and more animal lovers are realizing that proper care of your animal requires gaining knowledge, hard work and initiative. It’s truly a labour of love! We have banded together as animal lovers and are demanding products and services which will give them the quality of life they deserve!

A true dog lover will have the patience and diligence to work with their pet to bring them to their fullest potential, seeking to provide harmony, inner peace and overall well being.

As with humans, our dogs experience stress and anxiety in their everyday lives. Sometimes it’s from a past trauma or an issue that has recently presented itself to you. In any case, we should work diligently to ease their anxiety in more natural and holistic ways.

There are a number of relaxation and calming methods that can be used such as:

• Canine Massage
• Animal Reiki
• Bach Flower Essences
• Doggy Meditation
• Doga
• Music Therapy; and
• Neck Rolling

These methods are some of my favourites and ones which I teach and have workshops for.

I believe that our society as a whole is finally moving away from the toxic and manmade stimulants and anti-depressants, so should we as dog lovers. Alternative methods are the key in our dog’s health and well being.

Join me as we explore the many methods of relaxation.

If you would like to learn more about what I do and more about these methods, please contact me at 416-452-1588 or at

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