Sunday, February 21, 2010

What's all the Scruff about?

Many articles and books say that holding the dog by the scruff of the neck shows dominance. Others say it’s just a plain no no. More often than not, they say it’s a sign of aggression.

From a canine massage perspective, it’s one of the dog’s most favourite places to be worked on.
Think about it. You dog wears a collar 7/24 and is on a leash every time you take them out for a walk. Well, that’s a lot of strain on that neck!

My rescued Aussie Jazz is collar free when bedtime comes. I look at it this way, how would I like that thing around my neck when I’m trying to sleep? It’s noisy and sometimes the tags get in the way . If you decide to try this, please keep the collar close by in case of emergencies or if you have to leave the house quickly.

Although spot massage is not recommended, I have developed a simple and gentle technique that can be done just to the scruff for relaxation and pain relief. Since this is not a deep tissue massage it will not cause compensation issues,
Neck Rolling ™ is a process by which I apply wringing techniques to the scruff of the neck to stimulate relaxation and relieve anxiety. It also works to relieve the stress to the neck from walking on leash and from collars that are too tight.

See the picture for an example of Neck Rolling ™ which can be done anytime with your dog. For more information on Neck Rolling ™, please contact me. I can explain the how, when and why in more depth.


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