Saturday, March 27, 2010

Warm up and Cool down your dog Before Playtime

Please remember that anytime you exercise your dog and this means playtime too, warm him up first and cool him down afterwards.  This is the best way to prevent injuries to your dog.  In this, age doesn't matter.  All dogs need a good warm up and cool down, even younger dogs.  The warm-up stimulates the delivery of increased oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

Don't forget to stretch your dog too.  Stretches will limber up the tendons and ligaments.  You should encourage your dog to do some play bows - you can think downward facing dog if you're a yoga buff.  You can also encourage some spins and waves.  You should teach your dgo to do bends by having him face you and then reach to either side to get a treat.  This is a great stretch for loosening the neck and body muscles.  Give a quick 2-3 minute all-over massage to loosen stiff muscles and joints and you're ready to go!

Have fun Safely!

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