Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Is Your Dog Dehydrated?

Your dog is made up of about 75 percent water.  If your dog was out in the wild, eating prey such as a bird or a mouse or even a rabbit, they would be feeding on other animals whose bodies are also about 75 percent water.  Well, since the average house dog doesn't feed in the wild and is often restricted to kibble, it might surprise you to know that those dogs are only getting about 10 percent moisture into their systems.  Dry foods couldn't be any more Un-natural

In order for your dog to compensate for the lack of water it isn't getting from it's kibble diet, your dog would have to drink an exceeding amount of water just to flush out the toxins, hydrate their organs and aid in their normal elimination.

Considering a more holistic diet for your dog is something to think about. 

I will be posting a separate section on holistic cooked foods for your dog including tips and delicious recipes. 

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