Monday, March 15, 2010

Eggscellent Decision!

Eggs can be a very valuable addition to a home cooded diet for dogs because they offer complete proteins. But you need to remember that just as the quality of meat and produce can vary depending on the source, so too can the quality of the eggs you buy.

If you are considering adding eggs to your dog\s diet, consider where you get them.  Find a source of fresh eggs and buy those rather than the store bought ones from your grocer.  They will not only be fresher tasting, but they will be from free-range chickens and thus cleaner.  Commercially raised chickens are caged chickens, piled on atop the other so that the urine and feces drain down on the birds below them.

Also, please remember not to limit your dog to just chicken eggs.  You can also experiment with quail, duck, goose and turkey eggs.

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