Sunday, November 14, 2010

Does your dog suffer from dry skin. This natural remedy can help!

It’s that time of year again! Have you noticed your dog itching just a little more than usual lately? Dry skin season is upon us as well as our doggies. Did you know that itchy, dry skin can affect your dogs’ personality and general overall state of mind. Prolonged itchy skin can cause so much discomfort in your dog that they may become irritated, frustrated and downright upset. Their aggravation can manifest in many ways which may be incorrectly interpreted by us and lead to incorrect conclusions.

So, if your dog has the “itchies”, and you’ve already determined that it’s not due to other health issue such as poor circulation, poor diet or other environmental toxins, there’s a good natural remedy that you can try.

The basics of this great mix are Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Cofrey and Calendula. These four “wonders” work together to create a great remedy for your dog.


This should be used as the base of your cream. This wonder contains many nutrients which help with numerous skin conditions and allergies. It can reduce redness and swelling. Aloe Vera contains acemannan. Acemannan acts as an immune booster and helps with many skin conditions. Aloe Vera also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. I recommend something like Aloe Gelly which can be found at


This is an antioxidant and has been deemed useful by holistic practitioners in improving immune function. It has been used as an important ingredient in helping to care for rashes and skin irritations.


This is a plant native to Europe. It is most often used for skin irritations and contains the active ingredient allantoin which can speed cellular healing.


This herb has often been used as an anti-inflammatory and an antibacterial. The oils in the flowers work to aid in cell healing and can decrease bacteria and fungi in wounds. This has often been recommended for dogs with ringworm.


1 cup of aloe vera gel (Aloe Gelly)
2 whole gel caps of Vitamin E oil
2 tsp powered Comfrey
2 tsp powdered Calendula

In a bowl, add 1 cup of aloe vera lotion. I would suggest Aloe Gelly.

Slice open the gel caps of Vitamin E oil and add it to the aloe vera gel. Mix in 2 tsp of the powered Comfrey and add the 2 tsp of powered Calendula. Mix well and apply directly to the dogs skin as needed, depending on the severity of the itching.

Please keep in mind that Comfrey and Calendula should NOT be used on pregnant dogs as it may sometimes induce abortions.

Also, and most importantly, keep in mind that if your dog has any known health conditions or skin disorders, it is highly recommended that you consult your veterinarian BEFORE using this cream.

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  1. swallow's nest in an edible gel form is supposed be good for the skin too. it gives that clear and pasty skin that we all love.

    it's mad expensive. my brother and i bought some for my mom for her birthday. it was like 400 bucks for like a 6-8 oz jar. Luckily we finally found the one of popular brand online ( and

    dad said it's really popular in indonesia. that a guy has to climb a high mountain to get the nest. that's why it's so expensive.

    i mean why doesn't the dude just look for the fabled korean swallow king, capture it and let it lay eggs full of gold! then, he wouldn't have to work so hard and climb them high mountains.