Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bisphenol A (BPA) Declared Toxic in Canada - How does that effect my dog?

The Canadian federal government has added Bisphenol A or BPA to their toxic substance list as of Wednesday, October 13, 2010.  BPA is most commonly found in plastic containers, reusable water bottles, baby toys and bottles.  It is said to imitate the hormone estrogen.  This chemical can also be found in the different resins that coat the interior of food cans in order to prevent corrosion. 

Apparently it was found that 91% of Canadians ages 6 - 79 contained traces of this dangerous chemical in their system.  They stated that "A scientific assessment of the impact of human and environmental exposure to bisphenol A has determined that this substance constitutes or may constitute a danger to human health and the environment."    See the links at:

According to the article in they state "Dozens of independent studies over the years have found that BPA is harmful to animals and that it leaches into food and baby formula....Traces of it have been found in breast milk and the blood of newborns' umbilical cords."

As you can see, I've highlighted human health.  So what is being done to protect our animals?

There are a number of dog foods out on the market that currently use BPA in their canned foods and some in their dry foods.

One of my favorite websites,  actually called a number of pet food companies and asked if BPA was used. Some of the responses will surprise you, but here are some that do and some that don't use it as of their posting in January, 2010.  Keep in mind that the Canadian pet food market is SELF REGULATED, so don't expect drastic changes unless consumers push for it.

Do contain BPA as of Jan. 2010:

Nature's Variety - 13.2  & 5.5 cans
Drs. Foster & Smith
Halo Pet Foods
Wysong - 14oz only but working to change as of January, 2010

Do not contain BPA as of Jan. 2010

Nutro Pet Food
Canidae Pet Food
Fromm Pet Food
Blue Buffalo

Please, again, this is a list that was obtained from and you should go to their direct link for their detailed report at

I commend them and thank them for doing this leg work for us.  

It is important that we know what our dogs are eating every day.  If this product, along with many more I'm afraid, is not good for human consumption, it should not be good for our dogs either.

Read the labels, call the pet food company and do what you can to protect the health of your dog.  Their life depends on it.

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