Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Passionflower as an Alternative for Medication in Dogs

The name passionflower was given to the flower by the Spanish explorers who thought the flower looked like a crown of thorns.

Passionflower is sometimes used as an herbal alternative to sedatives and analgesics in dogs.  It has also been used for dogs that have mild hyperactive tendencies such as mild anxiety and stress, epileptic seizures and mild pain and discomfort.  
Although there are not many known side effects, experts state that since it is used as a sedative, that it should not be used if other medications affecting the nervous system are being used.  Also, because passionflower may stimulate the uterus, it should not be used by pregnant animals.
Again, a warning, PLEASE do not dispense these remedies on your own without first consulting a holistic veterinarian or another qualified professional.  As always, safety first.

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