Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lameness - When to See Your Vet

There are varying degrees of lameness.  A tolerant dog may walk despite severe arthritis while a puppy may cry when his paw is lightly stepped on.  As I always say, it is very important to know what's normal for your dog.

If your dog is lame on one foot, you should carefully examine the leg from the toenails on up.  A cracked, split or broken toenail can be extremely painful.  You should carefully and gently feel between the toes for debris or cuts.  Carefully bend each joint as you move up their leg.  Remember that even if you have a very tolerant dog, the breathing pattern will change if it hurts.  Any type of swelling or redness should be looked at by a vet.  Your vet can then help you with the best treatment.

Remember if you have any doubts, see your vet immediately!

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