Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why does my dog eat grass?

Dogs tend to like a little variety in their diet and have a sense that "greens" are good for them.  Some dogs will often eat grass because they like the taste and feel of the grass.  This is the case with dogs who actually take the time to chew and swallow the grass.

However, grass can sometimes act as a healthful aid for dogs with upset stomachs who need to purge their systems.  In the case of the dog that will regurgitate the grass, you might note that they almost seem to gobble up the grass without really even chewing it.  The blades of grass have prickly little ends that can irritate their stomach lining and cause them to vomit, thus attempting to settle their stomach.

Please remember that if this happens more than occassionaly, you may wish to consult your vet as there may be underlying medical reasons behind this behaviour.

Also, with spring upon us, many people have been laying out seed and other chemicals on their lawn, so beware for your dog's sake.

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