Saturday, April 3, 2010

Toronto Humane Society Closing It's Doors April12 - Urgent help requested!!!

Urgent! Please help!!

The Toronto Humane Society will be closing its doors from April 12th until June 1st, 2010. During this time, NO animals will be able to remain in the building. That means we only have 10 days to find all the animals at THS homes. This includes 44 rats, 18 rabbits, and 126 cats. If ever there was a tim...e to adopt - now is that time! These animals need your help, and they need it now!

Please visit them 7 days a week, between 12-6pm to meet your new best friend. If you'd like to contact Ruthann, please e-mail her work account (, but understand that she will be very busy over the next 10 days, and may not be able to answer you promptly.

Thanks in advance for your support!

We may not support The Toronto Humane Society for their past actions but we should care about the animals still in their possession.  They need help and they need it now.

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