Monday, April 5, 2010

Is your dog Employed?

Bottom line is, if you don't give your dog a job to do, they will become self-employed.  This means they will come up with their own "jobs" to do around the house.  They can become your self appointed host or hostess; jumping on and licking everyone who comes through the door.  They can become great gardeners and replant all your flowers and vegetables in the yard.  They can even become an interior decorator and rearrange the stuffing in your couch.  When you don't give your dog a job to do, you create an improper balance of the mental, physical and emotional stimulants your dog needs.  In short, they become bored!  Boredom then leads to other mental and physical symptoms such as stress and anxiety.

Employment is so important because not only will you provide stimulation but also promote and develop a sense of purpose and pride.  Having a dog "work" for a living eliminates boredom and engages them in life.

Jobs can include retrieving toys, doing tricks and playing games.  My dog's job is to find and bring me my keys when it's time to "go for a ride" and bring me my cell phone when it rings.

Give your dog a job to do and work to create the balance they so deserve.

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