Sunday, April 11, 2010

Coronation Dog Park - A Real Gem in the City for Dogs!

We ventured out on this beautiful day today to a dog park which is fairly new to the city: Coronation Dog Park at 711 Lake Shore Blvd. West at Lake Shore and Bathurst by the Tip Top Tailor building. 

All I can say is what a beautiful park and an amazing experience!

Since it was such a lovely day there were many people out and about and the dog park was barking!   From the Chinese Crested to the Rottie, they were out in full force.

What great mix of dogs and what a great group of dog guardians.  Great conversation, great dogs and a wonderful atmosphere made for a wonderful day at the doggy park.  Fully fenced in and clean.  If you happen to live close by, give it a try.  It's worth the trip.  Plenty of paid parking available.  Doggy parks should be on your list of things to do with your dog.  Makes for some great doggy exercise!

All dogs were well behaved and the interaction was amazing!

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