Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hello Aloe! - Why Aloe is good for your dog

The jelly-like pulp inside the leaves of the aloe vera plant is very soothing to skin irritations like insect bites, minor burns, hot spots and lick granulomas.  Since Aloe has antibacterial qualities, it can be used on surgical incisions to stimulate healing.  Most dogs avoid licking the treated area because the juice from the plant carries a bitter taste.

Administering the aloe is easy.  Just clip off a piece of a leaf, squeeze out the juice and apply topically.

Aloe can be given internally as a laxative, but please keep in mind that aloe given internally can cause severe digestive upset.  Topical is best.  If you wish to use it internally on your dog, contact a herbalist before using.

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