Saturday, March 20, 2010

Absued Women and Their Pets - OVMA Safe Pet Program

For many victims of domestic violence, their relationship to their pets is the strongest positive connection with another living being.  In such abusive relationships, the pets are often targeted by the abusive partner as a form of control and power.  They may even be jealous of the connection between the pet and their intended victim. 

According to the OVMA "Many women at risk of abuse are reluctant to leave their abusive partners and seek help at a women’s shelter if it means leaving their beloved pet behind with the abuser. Making that final decision to leave an abusive partner is a vital one; through OVMA’s SafePet Program, not only can women make this decision, they can make it more quickly and with ease."

Check out the link to find out more information on how women can find help through the OVMA Safe Pet Program.  If someone you know is in need, please pass this on.

The Program is also looking for volunteers to foster animals in need.  Check out the website to lend a hand.

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