Thursday, February 25, 2010

Soothing Music for Dogs

In 2002, a research study was done which studied the effects of five different types of audio stimulation on animal shelter dogs.. These five audio samples were human conversation, classical music, heavy metal music, pop music, and total silence.  While heavy metal music caused the dogs to stand up and bark, the classical music cased them to rest more often.

After this initial research was conducted, The BioAcoustic Research & Development project went farther and studied the effects of different types of classical music on more than 150 dogs. Many of the these sample set dogs had suffered from many different types of anxieties which stemmed from bad reactions to thunderstorms, separation, children, and other pets. The researches reported that the simple arrangements with a solo instrument and a slower tempo had the most relaxing effect.  It actually showed a 70% reduction in anxiety behaviours!!! 
Also, in 2000, an msnbc article reported that a harp player named Alianna Boone played her harp for hospitalized dogs in Florida and it was discovered that her soft pulls on the strings lowered heart and respiration rates in many cases.

Music Therapy Works!!!!!


  1. There is volumes of evidence to support music therapy be it for dogs or people or even plants. The laws of the universe are very precise. Baroque Music is very theraputic because it is usually around 60 beat per minute the same as a human heart.

    You're right Vicki, Music Therapy Works that's why they call it synchronicity! :>)

  2. Thanks Vic. I'm going to be doing a series of workshops on music and it's healing qualities. Was thinking that perhaps we could team up and do something together considering you run The Positive Music Imperative! :)
    I think it would be a great fit...don't you?