Saturday, February 27, 2010

Flea Season is Almost Here!

Flea season is almost upon us! Keep in mind that those little tubes you can purchase at Walmart are filled with harmful pesticides! What's worse is that they are not 100% effective against anything! They do negatively affect your pets immune system though. There are many other natural alternatives to flea protection. Here are some home remedies for flea control:

Citrus repellent:

Cut a lemon into quarters and immerse it in boiling water. Steep it overnight to make the repellent. Spray it all over your pet, especially behind the ears and around the head also getting the base of the tail and the “‘armpits’.

Aromatherapy repellent:

Add lavender and cedarwood essential oils to pure almond carrier oil as the base. Shake well and spread over the pet’s skin to keep the fleas away. You can also rub an essential oil of eucalyptus , tea tree , citronella , lavender or geranium on a rope collar or even a doggy bandanna .

Essential oil bath:

For bad infestations, you can give your dog an essential oil bath. Get the bath ready using a few drops of tea tree or lavender essential oils. An alternative is a herbal flea dip made from fresh rosemary leaf .

Here's to a happy flealess season for you and your dog!

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